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Steve Owens on Creating Classic Homecoming Parties such as #1000Bottles, Trill Grill Fest, Br

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Steve Owens graduated from Howard University in 2006 (BA, Marketing), NYU 2008 (MA, Music Business). Steve worked in music from 2006-2015 (Epic, Def Jam, Atlantic, Warner Chappell, and for various managers and agents including fellow Bison Chris Hicks of Noontime Publishing). Owens is currently a Senior Account Executive for Experiential Marketing at Burrell Communication with a focus on music and festival properties for Toyota. Steve Owens is the founder of the Gifted Life and started #1000Bottles (+ other homecoming parties) in 2011, Trill Grill Fest in 2014, and Brunch Kings 2015. Most recently, Owens pivoted to Ivey + Allen, black / HBCU alum owned candle company during the pandemic when in-person events weren't viable. Welcome to the HU Movemakers Podcast (, where we highlight folks in Howard University Culture that are blazing the trail and making moves! If you would like to apply or nominate someone to be on the podcast, please email bio/headshot to


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