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Brandon William Jones is a high impact analytical leader with deep experience across sales...

Brandon William Jones is a high impact analytical leader with deep experience across sales, operations and finance roles for high-growth consumer and enterprise tech products. Today, as Director and Head of North America Sales Development for LInkedIn, Brandon is working towards a mission of digitally mapping out the global economy to connect talent with opportunity at a massive scale. In this role, he oversees an organization that serves as North America’s growth and talent engine, accounting for over 1% of the company’s employees across offices in San Francisco, Chicago and New York City. Previously, Brandon headed Google Cloud’s Sales Development across the Americas, its fastest growing region accounting for over 60% of global business. Before that, Brandon headed Product Operations for 7 of Google's technology products, including Google’s Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality efforts, Digital Content, and a number of confidential products within the Advanced Technology & Products division. Prior to joining Google, Brandon accumulated nearly a decade of experience in finance, strategy, technology and operational roles at Fortune 500 companies including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Johnson & Johnson and Mercer. In addition to serving as a strategic advisor to Stanford School of Medicine’s Healthcare Innovation Lab, Brandon sits on the corporate board of SCAN Health Plan, one of the nation’s largest non-for-profit Medicare Advantage plans with ~$4B in revenue, and serves as a member of the Audit & Compliance and Governance committees. Brandon is also an investor in real estate and a number of startup companies focused on frontier technologies. Brandon has served as a partner of the Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund, a member of the Milken Institute Young Leaders’ Circle and the advisory boards of The Mr. October Foundation for Kids, Cultivating Aspiring Leaders and the Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Center. Brandon has spoken at world-class leadership summits including The Aspen Institute’s Socrates Seminars and Renaissance Weekend. Brandon hosts the Series B Show podcast, which highlights the journeys of key influencers across tech, culture and business and has featured guests including Y-Combinator CEO Michael Seibel, Hall of Fame Baseball Player Reggie Jackson, Microsoft Chairman John W. Thompson, and “Father of the Internet” Vint Cerf. Brandon holds an MBA from Harvard University, where he was a Merrill Lynch, Robert A. Toigo and HBS Leadership Fellow, and a BBA in Computer Systems from Howard University, where he was a Reginald F. Lewis Scholar. Brandon resides in Palo Alto, CA with his wife Charlotte and two children.

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