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Advisory Board

Do you consider yourself an influencer in the Howard Community? Are you passionate about preserving the legacy of Howard? If you answered yes to these questions, we'd love for you to consider joining the HU MOVEMAKER advisory board!!!



Is this paid?


Is there a financial commitment?

Yes, Proof of donation to Howard (any amount)

What's the time commitment level?

One Year (June 1 - June 1); attend virtual meetings/think tanks (quarterly)

Any other requirements?

Simply put...

  1. Help spread the word about the HU MOVEMAKER Podcast to your networks

  2. Help book at least 4 guests that fit the criteria

  3. Have a deep Passion and Love for preserving the Howard Legacy!

I don't have time to commit to the Advisory Board, how can I add value?

Just tune in, give us feedback, and email ideas to


Social Media


Thanks for submitting!

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